Habitat Development Group Pty Ltd often retains the management rights in all its developments for the long term through its Habitat Property Management division, so buyers can be rest assured that Habitat’s interests are aligned with those of any investor or resident.

On the occasion where Habitat sells the management rights, we partner with a select group of highly experienced and professional property management firms who have a deep knowledge of our client’s needs and uphold our expected quality standard. Our commitment to a project always goes well beyond completion of construction. 

Whether we own the management rights or partner with an experienced external firm, we remain intimately involved in the operation of our complexes to ensure high quality landscaping, pools & common areas are maintained for years to come. And if you’re an investor, you can take comfort knowing that for the past 5 years, vacancies have averaged less than 0.5% in all Habitat built and managed complexes.


Habitat has confidence it’s units will produce above average capital growth over the long term due to it’s strict acquisition policies. Accordingly, Habitat established the Habitat Property Trust to retain a portfolio of units in it’s own projects.